Park Maitland School

Park Maitland School has long been regarded as one of the premier learning institutions for the last 40 plus years, however, the facilities left a lot to be desired.  Over the years, NuDesign has worked hand in hand with the owners of Park Maitland to bring the facilities of the school up to the standard of learning that they have always been known for.  Updates to the school include adding bathrooms, correcting drainage problems from past builders, courtyard improvements, complete renovation of the pool area, extension of the main building for additional classroom space, covered walkways around the perimeter of the courtyard, Addition of a snack bar to Jelly Fudge park, large steel gate to regulate traffic flow during the day, steel bollards and chains to keep children safe, an updated and expanded clinic for sick children, relocated server room, door and lock replacements throughout the school as well as numerous building maintenance projects throughout the years.  Park Maitland continues to upgrade their facilities to better serve their students and NuDesign Builders looks forward to meeting their needs for years to come.


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