Altamonte Springs

The clients desire for a more inside out environment and more visually open space was the driving force that started this renovation.  The initial steps were to remove 16” diameter columns that were 20’ high in the rear of the home, partially blocking the view to the back yard.  NuDesign was called in after 3 other builders had walked away from the challenge.  Bordered on three sides with only 10’ of clearance and the pool a mere 15’ away, the columns were a daunting task, but nothing that some proper planning and the right team in place can’t handle.  Custom fabricated brackets were made to hold the large engineered beams necessary to be able to remove large columns and span the opening with no problems.  Once the beams were installed and the columns torn down, we were able to go about making the clients dreams come true.  A complete renovation of the pool, a sport court, all new landscaping, paver deck, cabana complete with bar, TV, stereo, gas grill, charcoal grill and Big Green Egg contributes to an open and updated back yard that the family can enjoy for many years to come.


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