Private Residence


Often times we run into clients that have come to love a neighborhood for many reasons such as neighbors, proximity to work and a comfort level with their surroundings.  They love the location, but not so much the building that surrounds them, as was the case with this client.  They were in love with their current location, but drastically wanted a change to their master suite to create a spa-like atmosphere that they could enjoy as much as they enjoyed the rest of their home.  The original layout had an odd shaped closet that created nooks and crannies that were inefficient and cumbersome along with a bathroom that had survived production builder finishes, a few leaks and even termites.  NuDesign set out to create the atmosphere that the client envisioned and bring their dream into reality.  The client hired a very talented husband and wife interior design team that came up with the concept and NuDesign executed their design.  The space was stripped down to the studs, re-piped, insulated, re-organized and all new finishes were installed.  Beautiful custom cabinetry work, Vermont Danby marble, venetian plaster finish and glass tile add to the soothing spa like ambiance of the master suite.  The master closet is any woman’s dream come true and a statement as you enter the master suite.  Pressure sensitive LED lighting inside the cabinets makes it easy to pick out your clothes in the morning and enough storage for plenty of shoes makes the lady of the home happy.  This master suite will serve the couple well for years to come and help them unwind after a long day.


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